Wireless Backhaul Solutions

Mobile operators are currently experiencing rapid growth in data services along with a steady growth in voice traffic. However, the voice market is extremely competitive and revenue growth is slow. Carriers face the dual challenge of increasing average revenue per user and reducing customer churn. Service providers are seeking revenue and profit growth through new differentiated packet-based services. Many of these services, such as mobile Internet and mobile TV, require high bandwidth—and the current backhaul infrastructure is not optimized for handling such traffic.

To keep up, mobile operators have to add backhaul capacity while keeping operational costs under control, a situation that is forcing carriers to migrate their access and core networks to the new 3G and 4G infrastructure. Furthermore, they must prepare for the eventual convergence of the voice and data infrastructures to deliver new multimedia services. Experior Networks’ IP based backhaul infrastructure solutions, using advanced routers and switches, enable highly scalable designs for these converged networks.

Our national footprint and optimal mix of wireless and fiber technologies enable wireless carriers to raise the overall quality of their networks and deliver new service standards to their customers. Experior Networks delivers the coverage, capacity, security and service quality that carriers demand to upgrade their business operations.

Creating a mission critical network by addressing performance in the network's weakest areas will enable Experior's customers to protect and strengthen their brands and gain choice in a market that has traditionally been served only by Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs). At Experior Networks, we design our backhaul networks and mission-critical services with the following objectives:

Superior Performance and Reliability

  • Network designs maximize the reliability of fiber and licensed microwave solutions to provide an optimal mix of efficient bandwidth;
  • Voice, video and data traffic is backhauled to the customer's mobile switching center with Ethernet designs;
  • All solutions designed to provide mobile operators with 99.999% or greater uptime network availability.

Reduce Unit Costs

  • Decreases cost associated with managing current traffic;
  • Incremental savings as traffic volume and usage grows.

Fast, On-time Provisioning

  • On-net provisioning in short time frames;
  • Fast, network expansion to serve new cell sites and launch new markets;
  • Capacity can quickly and easily be increased to meet carriers’ growing traffic demands.