Enterprise Business Solutions

Today's enterprises require advanced, high-performance communications that support mission-critical applications across multiple business locations. At Experior Networks, we eliminate the inconvenience and complexity of managing multiple carrier relationships, access technologies and geographies so you can focus on your core business. Whether you are managing explosive growth, supporting multiple locations nationwide or globally, or ensuring access to information across your enterprise, Experior Networks offers solutions custom tailored to your unique needs.

Experior Networks has the expertise, integrated solutions and network infrastructure that enable enterprise organizations to meet their communications requirements and operate efficiently, including:

  • Secure, high-performance MPLS networks with Quality of Service (QoS) and advanced traffic engineering to support data, voice, video, and other critical information;
  • Network transport to store, send and receive data between locations;
  • Data Center connectivity;
  • Network redundancy with an all MPLS network utilizing both fiber and wireless technologies to ensure your network is always available;
  • Converged data and VoIP solutions that help reduce network costs and enable next generation networking applications;
  • Managed Services to help navigate through the different phases of discovery, design, planning, implementation, operation, and optimization for unified communications and wireless and enterprise security including vulnerability assessments.

MPLS Solutions

Experior's MPLS network provides a modern, fully-meshed and secure IP network to support all your applications, including real-time applications like Voice over IP and streaming video. We have the geographic reach to support the ways your business communicates, wherever you are. Our enterprise class suite of voice, data and next generation IP services have the flexibility and performance you require—and the ability to scale with you as your organization and applications grow. Experior’s solutions enable users to prioritize voice or data through QoS levels, based on their unique business requirements.

Experior's networking services provide a private, secure multi site connection built across Experior Network's core MPLS advanced IP network, and also feature service level guarantees for latency, jitter and packet loss. Flexible routing options allow you to maintain control over your routing and IP address plans (Virtual LAN), or Experior can configure and maintain everything for you (Virtual Private Networking).

Our customized communications solutions provide end-to-end reliability, support and responsiveness. We're in the places you need to be, helping meet your objectives with a network and solutions built around you.