Voice & Data Solutions for Small-Medium Business

Experior Networks brings enterprise network speed, functionality, security and reliability to small / medium businesses nationwide for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems and Internet plans. We connect you to an all IP network that offers superior voice and data services. This means you can take advantage of advanced functionality like home phone extensions for easy telecommuting, data center connectivity, secure data transport and encryption services.

Experior Networks' converged voice and data service is available anywhere in the United States for any number of locations for less per month than traditional phone & Internet plans with legacy telecommunications carriers.

Why you'll spend less:

  • Legacy telecommunications carriers are too heavily invested in old infrastructure and technology to upgrade in a timely and cost effective fashion;
  • Legacy technology costs more to implement and maintain than newer, fully IP-based networks;
  • Experior Networks operates on the latest technology, MPLS, which costs less to implement and maintain while offering customers advanced services only available with an MPLS network.

Why you'll get more:

New technology generally means better features, more functionality and lower costs. When you switch to Experior Networks, you'll enjoy:

  • Faster communications on a fully managed and monitored network;
  • A more efficient network design;
  • Unlimited local and long distance with VoIP services;
  • A 100% IP-based solution;
  • Coverage for any location in the continental United States;
  • Integration of voice and data for next-generation features and functionality;
  • Advanced security services and QoS.

Experior Networks' Services

Experior Networks is a full-service provider capable of meeting all of your voice and data networking and connectivity needs. Now, with the ease of one phone call, you can easily implement any or all of the following services:

  • High Speed Internet;
  • Encryption services;
  • High bandwidth data transport;
  • Data center connectivity;
  • VoIP services;
  • Managed firewalls;
  • Hosted IT services.

High Reliability, High Availability

Our private network is highly secure and is monitored by service personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with available 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement.

More Than Just Service

Experior Networks offers more than just voice and data service. Our converged voice and data solutions are custom-tailored specifically for your business and encompass not only service, but equipment as well. IP telephones, switches and routers are available for purchase or can be rolled into monthly billing as a lease expense. Experior Networks’ IP PBX solutions let you stay current on the latest communications technology without worrying about large financial outlays or equipment depreciation issues.