Data Center Access

Customers, partners and employees all require fast access to applications and information. Connectivity has to be reliable, consistent and provide low latency. Modern applications, especially those provided as a Web service, demand significant network performance. At the same time, the challenge of working from any location in or out of the enterprise further increases complexity. Experior Networks provides organizations with high availability, low latency and redundant access to your data center location over our secure all IP network.

Experior's network was designed for data center connectivity and to support all of our customers’ compliance and customer service objectives. Our core MPLS network was engineered and designed with three key features in mind to support high availability data center access:

Device Availability Network Availability Operational Availability
Redundant components Network access control Open standards
Hot swappable components Redundant devices & paths Consistent software features
Modular operating system Routed network designs Automated operation tasks
In service software upgrades QoS

Business Continuity through Data Center Connectivity

One important way Experior Networks can help with your data center connectivity needs is by helping you create true business continuity. Typically, most carriers’ networks follow the same physical conduits. The problem with this is your network is vulnerable to disruption, even with carrier diversity.

Experior Networks has addressed this problem by partnering with Level 3 Communications – a leading international provider of fiber based communications services. Level 3’s global backbone was constructed from the conduit up and has the inherent advantage of physical pathway diversity from other carriers' networks, creating true carrier and physical diversity for you. Experior's dynamic solution provides your business with a high availability, data center connection through a single-provider for improved efficiency and cost savings.

Benefits of Experior Networks Data Center Connectivity

  • End-to-end solutions for maximum coverage, performance and flexibility;
  • High-bandwidth network solutions delivered directly to your doorstep;
  • True business continuity;
  • Customized, detailed and transparent design development;
  • Reduced communications expenses.