Wide Area Network Optimization Overview

For today's enterprises, the management of global IP networks is no easy feat. IT directors must find ways to improve total cost of ownership through more efficient use of existing infrastructure, and expand opportunities to analyze and predict performance of the applications they use every day across the enterprise. As a result, enterprises are looking to their service provider to help them maximize bandwidth consumption of their VPN service and ensure optimal performance of their applications over the wide area network (WAN).

Experior Networks' WAN optimization services help businesses proactively manage their investments in bandwidth and applications by providing real-time and historical network, server and application statistics. By utilizing WAN optimization, businesses can provide LAN-like access to their data and applications anywhere throughout their enterprise, enabling real-time collaboration for users in branch offices and mobile workers throughout the globe. Businesses can reduce costs of operating IT infrastructure and get better visibility into how well their applications are performing.

WAN Optimization Features

Experior Networks' WAN optimization solutions tackle all of the problems that affect application performance over the WAN, improving the throughput of applications businesses rely on daily, including email, file sharing, backups, SSL, document management systems and ERP and CRM solutions.

Our comprehensive solutions give enterprises resolution to a host of severe problems that plague enterprise applications operating across the WAN including:

  • Poor application performance;
  • Insufficient, expensive or congested network bandwidth into remote offices;
  • Difficulties in server consolidation & virtualization ;
  • Challenges with replication and slow remote data backup;
  • Increased demands of the mobile workforce;
  • Lack of visibility into networks, servers and applications.

WAN Optimization Benefits

By leveraging WAN optimization, businesses can improve application performance across the network by 5 to 50 times on average and can simultaneously decrease WAN bandwidth utilization by 65 to 95%. Businesses can merge servers into data centers more effectively, virtualize services and applications at the network edge to further reduce costs, and use new, enhanced performance analysis tools which allow businesses to more effectively align their IT strategy with their business strategy. These impressive results allow businesses to take advantage of their networks, infrastructure, and applications in ways that they had never thought possible.

Improving application performance will benefit organizations of any size. Businesses leverage WAN optimization to address the following needs:

  • Accelerate applications across the wide area network;
  • Reduce WAN bandwidth utilization;
  • Enable server consolidation;
  • Optimize disaster recovery;
  • Accelerate mobile workers;
  • Enhance visibility and manage application performance.