Managed Network Security Overview

Experior Networks' Security Services offer exceptional levels of security to shield your network from unauthorized external/internal attacks and allow your employees to communicate securely whether at company offices or remote locations. Our robust suite of Network Security Services are designed to fit businesses of all sizes and provide a variety of services to detect and protect your network infrastructure form all types of threats and attacks.

Experior's Network Security Services keep your business in compliance with regulatory standards, improve employee productivity and free your resources to focus on your core business. Our security experts will expose the weaknesses of your network and provide solutions to fix them. Our tests will ensure that your network is secure and will help you meet critical business requirement such as PCI and HIPAA.

Available Networks Security Services

Help protect your private company and customer data from being compromised. Experior’s Managed Security Solutions are flexible, cost-effective, convenient and simple. Choose from a range of robust, scalable devices that support many access types and bandwidth options. Services offered include:

  • Risk Assessment - Complete suite of security tests designed to provide an accurate assessment of your network security. Includes firewall security policy setting and configuration, firewall certification, vulnerability scans, web applications tests, PCI scan, and VoIP scan;
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention – Around the clock protection of your network perimeter utilizing Juniper Networks security devices that are pre configured and remotely managed by expert engineers. Experior’s security and performance reporting will show you how much malicious activity was blocked;
  • Incident Response – 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, alerting and updating of your network security configurations by our security operations team. Provides state of the art security while easing the burden of your internal IT resources;
  • Remote Access – Securely connect users in remote locations or on the road using a variety of technologies including Internet Security Protocol(IPSec), advanced user authentication and data encryption services.