Encryption Services Overview

Experior Networks encryption services allow customers to securely transport traffic across unsecure third party access networks as well as public infrastructures. Experior's integrated encryption capabilities combined with the richness of our core MPLS network, enable your employees in remote sites to securely access the corporate VPN even when tunneling across the Internet.

With Experior's encryption services, network performance is never an issue. Our MPLS network combined with encryption services provides Internet Protocol Security(IPsec) encryption at rates exceeding 800 Mbps of throughput at full Data Encryption Standard (3DES)/Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) 1 strength. Experior's encryption services include secure access to MPLS VPNs, site-to-site managed IPsec VPNs, premium security of IPsec over MPLS VPNs, encrypted transit traffic across untrusted third-party wholesale networks, and secure backhaul.

Encryption Features and Benefits

  • Data Origin Integrity - Provides data integrity, data origin authentication, anti-replay service, and confidentiality;
  • Routed IPsec Tunnels -Routes to new endpoints for the VPN are automatically learned by all other endpoints;
  • Security Association Management - Secure keys are automatically generated and exchanged in accordance with Internet Key Exchange (IKE), part of the IPsec framework;
  • High Availability – Failure of remote endpoints are quickly detected and traffic switched to a backup tunnel to avoid loss of data;
  • Multi-cast over IPsec tunnels – Enables streaming and content delivery services over secured connections;
  • Monitoring and Statistics – Experior Networks collects and analyzes an array of performance statistics to enable network visibility, improve planning, and ensure the integrity of security associations;
  • IPsec integration with MPLS - Supports the termination of IPsec into the VPN routing and forwarding table (VRF) of an MPLS VPN.