VPLS Overview

Experior Networks' Virtual Private LAN Service(VPLS) provides multipoint to multipoint communication over our core MPLS network. This service allows customers with WAN sites in geographically dispersed locations to communicate as if they are connected to the same LAN.

Experior's VPLS service allows businesses of any size to fully control routing using dynamic class-of-service tagging. VPLS is Ethernet transparent so customers can rely on it to carry any type on Ethernet traffic, not just IP based protocols.

VPLS Service Details

  • Security – All traffic is transported over Experior’s MPLS private network designed for privacy and security;
  • Connectivity – Any-to-any connectivity enables maximum performance and value;
  • Quality of Service(QoS) and advanced traffic engineering to support data, voice, video, and other critical information;
  • Speeds –Scalable solution with speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to GigE;
  • Access technologies – Experior Networks supports multiple access technologies for last mile access connectivity.

VPLS Key Features

  • Control for Security and Service Quality: Experior Network's VPLS solution gives you comprehensive, private control over network routing, and lets you specify Class of Service(CoS) tiers for your applications to support their performance;
  • Engineered for Reliability and Performance: A fully meshed, full-featured Ethernet network to interconnect all customer sites into a single WAN for application convergence;
  • Designed to transport both IP and non-IP traffic.